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Strategy, finance, corporate governance.
ROMY Management is a business consulting firm. It aims to support companies in their governance, management and strategic projects in Switzerland and/or abroad.
Claude Romy is the founder. An experienced business leader, he has facilitated nearly 200 mergers and acquisitions. Over the course of his career, he has also been active in a variety of sectors, with various companies that have appointed him or have benefited from his advice on strategic reorientation.
His skills in organization, negotiation, financial analysis and situation management have been key factors in the success of his clients.

Our added value in a few words: more than 30 years of professional experience and a wide network within economic circles. All of this at your disposal and tailored to your needs.

“I’ve known Claude for around 40 years and worked with him at several occasions.
He’s extremely reliable, loyal and is not flexible with the values he stands for.”

Patrick Berdoz, Entrepreneur in MedTech and technology ventures